Stop paying premium prices for no premium support

Are you tired of being treated like a number, instead of a valued customer?  At Maddox Security, we're a family owned, small business that cares about your well being.  As Las Vegas locals for more than 40 years, we understand the importance of home security and peace of mind.  We take to heart our slogan, We Help Protect What Matters Most , because we know how it is to be treated like a number.  

We offer Alarm Monitoring that will work with most existing systems using your phone line for only $25.00 a month.
Don't want to use your existing phone line?  Don't have a phone line?  No problem!  
We offer cellular monitoring for $35.00 a month.

Use our free mobile app to monitor your system while you're away for peace of mind wherever you are. (Some restrictions apply)

Focus on your business, we'll worry about the security

Alarm monitoring starting at $45 for small businesses.
Ready to upgrade to a cellular system?  We offer cellular monitoring starting at $55 per month.
Looking for in-person security?  We have you covered!  We offer customized 'On-Demand' guard response services.  
This service is available for 24 hours a day and can be customized to whatever your business's needs are. 
Time to upgrade your camera surveillance system?  We can not only help find the right system for you, but also do repairs on most existing systems!

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We're a family owned, small business with over 35 years of alarm industry experience.  We understand the importance of security and want to offer peace of mind for our local businesses.  

We take pride in our motto, We Help Protect What Matters Most.

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